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well..... she is probably a writer. and writers do that xD

Stephenie Meyer had a dream about the twilight universe, Bella and Edward, and all the other stuff that happens in the books (or that's what I was told) and decided to write about it while improving some of the finer points.

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Stephenie Meyer did not originally plan on writing a book, let alone a whole saga. She had a dream that depicted one of the chapters in 'Twilight' (The Meadow) and decided to write it down so that she wouldn't forget it. But she wanted to see what would happen and kept writing. Before she knew it, she had a book. So, she took it to a publishing company and it got published. After that, she kept writing and produced three more books in the series along with the unpublished 'Midnight Sun' which is 'Twilight' from another main character's (Edward Cullen) perspective.

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Q: Why did Stephenie Meyer write the saga Twilight?
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Why did Stephenie Meyer write the twilight series?

Stephenie Meyer's purpose was to entertain.

Who created The Twilight Saga?

Stephenie Meyer.

Who is Twilight written by?

The Twilight Saga was written by Stephenie Meyer.

What award did Stephenie Meyer get for The Twilight Saga?

Stephenie Meyer received the Number One New York Times Bestseller for her book series: The Twilight Saga.

New moon by Stephenie Meyer?

yes new moon is by Stephenie Meyer all of the books in the twilight saga are by Stephenie Meyer.

What is the author of The Twilight Saga books?

Stephenie Meyer

Why did Stephenie Meyer write new moon?

To continue the Twilight Saga. If that doesn't help you then I'm sorry.

Who wrote the twighlight saga books?

Stephenie Meyer wrote the saga of twilight

How did Stephenie Meyer turn famous?

By writing the Twilight Saga.

Were was Twilight by Stephenie Meyer published?

Stehphenie Meyer's Twilight saga is published by Little Brown Books.

Stephenie Meyer's early influences for writing The Twilight Saga?

Stephenie Meyer's influence for writing the Twilight Saga was in a dream that she had. The next morning she wrote down her dream and couldn't stop writing!! TWILIGHT ROCKS!!

Who is the creator of twilight guide?

Stephenie Meyer is the creater of the The Twilight Saga: Officialy Guide