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Obito never became a villain.

He was kind hearted Teenager who died while saving Kakashi

and Theories of Obito=Madara are rumours

Ehmm corection, now that is proved that Tobi is Obito(even it sounds crazy that 13 years summon Nine tails and do what Tobi did), Tobi or Obito was in love(had crush) on Rin Noharu,his team mate. He sacrified his life tosave her and wasw crush by a huge rock...Obito was found and healed by non other than Madara Uchiha, who somehow survived his clash with Harsihrama.Obito had Sahringan, so his and Kakashi's Sahringan are conected...One of Madara's white Zetsu clone siad that Kakashi and Rin are in danger.Obito even hur, fuond way to go, and help his friends, but he saw that Kakashi in heat of fighting with Kiri ANBU has killed poor Rin with his Chidory...To be worse,Minato Namikaze was this time also absentlike the time Obito ,,died''...Obito killed Kiri nins, and while Kakashi was knocked out he came to Rins dead body, took her, and swore to create world in which she will be alive...He than came back to Madara, ant helped him in his plan...So lets look at othe aspects, first, Obito sacrificed himself to save Rin and Kakashi, but his sacrifice was worthless since she died...Second Minato didn't learned anything from supposed Obito death, since this time he also left, for some ,,important'' job, leaving two kids to fight against more powerful and more numbered enemy...So I think Obito enjoyed Nine tails attack, because he wanted that his sensei and his family suffer, as he did, because of Minato's not caring for his students, leaving two of them to die unprotected...After that he just started acting in his act, and just concentrated on his plan...

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Q: Why did Obito become a villain?
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How can Tobi be obito if obito fought the fourth Hokage?

Because Tobi is from First hokage generation and Obito was from Kakashi generation.

What series in one manga is when Obito died?

Obito dies in the series Naruto

Is obito possebly zetsu?

no. obito is not zetsu. obito was kakashi's friend as a child. but he died during a mission as a child. (that is when obito gave kakashi his sharingan. but if you meant "is TOBI really zetsu" then the answer is still no. because Tobi is real madarah uchiha. hoped this helped clear things up. - its sonic here. forgot what that noob said. Obito can be zetsu, they never showed that obito died? did they NOPE. toby found obito and did a exprimant* with him, as you can see, black side, and white side. becouse only obito's right side got smashed, black side is the side that got smashed and other side got exprimanted* with.

How did Obito survive?

Obito did survive, and it was revealed in chapter 599. The chapter features Obito when he was a kid and how he wanted to tell Rin that he loved her. However, Obito never got the chance. We do not know how Obito survived yet, but it all will be revealed next week. However there are many rumors:Theory 1: Zetsu found Obito dying, he saved him and attended his wounds. Obito's whole right arm was crushed, so Zetsu used his white substances to repair Obito's arm. Not only Obito's arm, but his whole body. After Obito was healed, he planned to go back, but somehow he must have been brainwashed by Zetsu before leaving, or Obito got the news that Rin died and trained hard to activate his Uchiha power to avenge the world, and create a world where no one will cry infront of graves. Throughout Obito's training he started wearing the ''mask'', and carried on all his schemes as Tobi. Obito had Zetsu's power as well, which changes his form and height. Obito's height would have changed dramatically from 154.2 cm to 175.0 cm. It was around this time that Obito mastered space-time ninjutsu, which is his special technique. Obito is one of the gifted Uchiha who can use the special space-time ninjutsu sharingan. Obito, however did not have all the power he needs with just one eye. Obito and Zetsu were close friends. They were one of the two who know each other the most. It was around this time that Obito led the nine tailed fox attack on the hidden leaf village. Obito fought a destined battle with his mentor Minato. Obito apparently failed his mission, and went away. During the fight with Minato, Obito lost his arm, and went to Zetsu to regenerate it again. Obito at some time went and found Kisame as well, which makes sense to to the part where Kisame knows who Tobi is.

In naruto Shippuden is Tobi actually obito?

Yes it is true that Obito Uchiha is tobi as shown in Manga Chapter 599

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Do kashi meat obito again?

I'm not sure that there is a Naruto character named Kashi... SPOILER: If you are referring to Kakashi Hatake, then yes. In Naruto 599, Obito was revealed to have survived being crushed, and is the true identity of the villain Tobi.

Is anyone obito?

no obito is obito

Is obito Uchiha evil?

Yes, Obito is evil. It was revealed in the Manga that Tobi was Obito.

Is pain obito?

no it is rumered that Tobi is madara uchiha in obito's body but no pein is not obito

Can you become a villain in real life?


Who would win obito or young sauske?


How did obito beat the fourth Hokage?

Technically Obito lost his fight against the fourth, Obito managed to force 4th to flee with Naruto, but during their later struggle 4th defeats Obito buy teleporting to a kunai behind Obito

Is obito madaras son?

Obito has to have some kind of relationship with Madara. how does Tobi/Obito know so much about madara..

How did the green goblin become a villain?

he got shot

How can Tobi be obito if obito fought the fourth Hokage?

Because Tobi is from First hokage generation and Obito was from Kakashi generation.

How did Kakashi get the mankegyou sharingan?

Obito was found by Madara Uchiha but after a while Zetsu told Obito that Kakashi and Rin were in trouble. Obito's body was weak so Tobi let Obito where his body and Obito saw weird things in his left eye and when he got there he saw Kakashi kill Rin and so Kakashi and Obito both unlocked the mankegyou sharingan.

When did Tobi tooked obito's body?

Tobi isn't Obito. He is Madara Uchiha