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He did the same thing at pretty much every concert he has done, it's just acting.

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Performing with his brothers again after so many years made him emotional.

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Q: Why did Michael Jackson cry during the 30th anniversary show?
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How old was Michael Jackson on his 30th anniversary?


What year was Michael Jackson's 30th anniversary?

it was in the year 2001

Who sang Ben for Michael Jackson at his 30th anniversary?

Billy Gilman.

Which country was Michael Jackson's 30th anniversary concert?

New York, USA.

Is there a website to view Michael Jackson 30yr anniversary celebration?

There is no official website to watch his 30th year anniversary celebration but you can go to and type in Michael Jackson's 30th year celebration part 1 and then so on.

What are the release dates for Michael Jackson 30th Anniversary Celebration - 2001 TV?

Michael Jackson 30th Anniversary Celebration - 2001 TV was released on: USA: 13 November 2001 Australia: 19 November 2001

When was Michael Jackson's 30th anniversary?

The 30th anniversary shows were on the 7th and 10th of September 2001 in New York.

Who performed Ben at the Michael Jackson 30th Anniversary show?

Billy Gilman performed Ben.

Why did randy Jackson push Michael Jackson during the 30th anniversary performance?

This was a staged moment by Michael & Randy. It wasnt real. Michael often does things like this. For example, Slash not getting off stage and MJ trying to get him off, MJ & Slash did this routine several times at other shows. Michael & Randy did this same routine on the Sept 7 & 10 2001 shows of 30th Anniversary.

Who performed at Michael Jackson's 30th anniversary show?

Numerous singers performed during the two concert specials. For a full list see related links.

Why was Janet Jackson not at his 30th anniversary concert?

The 30th Year Anniversary was the celebration of the Jackson 5/The Jacksons. Janet was never a part of those groups. She was also Touring with her own Show during that time.

Has NSYNC met Michael Jackson before?

Yes, he joined them onstage at the 2001 VMA's and they performed with Michael and his brothers at his 30th Anniversary show.