Why did Max Green punch Omar?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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cos' max is a douche.

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Q: Why did Max Green punch Omar?
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Why did Omar espinosa left escape the fate?

Omar and Max Green had a fight so Max Punched Omar Espinosa in the face. Omar was filled with anger and wanted to kill Max, But instead he said "i quit". For more information read or listen to interviews about Ronald Joesph Radke.

Why did Omar from escape the fate leave the band?

Omar Espinosa left the band Escape The Fate because he had a fight with Max Green.

Who started escape the fate?

Ronnie Radke, Max Green, Robert Ortiz, Bryan Monte Money and Omar Espinosa.

Who plays the Guitar on escape the fate?

Bryan Monte money its use to be Omar espinosa and Bryan money but Omar quit because there bass player max green punched him in the faces live

What color are max green's eyes?

Green. like max GREEN

When did Max Green die?

Max Green died in 1998.

Where is Max Green of Escape The Fate from?

Max Green is from Cincinnati, Ohio. :)

What rhymes with Omar khayyam?

green eggs and ham

Who are members of escape the fate?

The current members are: Craig Mabbitt (vocals) Monte Bryan Money (guitar) Max Green (bass) Robert Ortiz (drums) They used to have a different singer, Ronnie Radke, who is in prison at the moment, and a second guitarist, Omar Espinosa, who quit.

What are the names of the people in the escape the fate?

Current members: - Craig Mabbitt - Max Green - Bryan 'Monte' Money - Robert Ortiz Former members: - Ronnie Radke - Omar Espinosa - Carson Allen

What nationality is Max green of Escape The Fate?

Max green is of german descent

When was MAX Green Line created?

MAX Green Line was created in 2009.