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Why did Marie Osmond turn down the lead in the musical"Grease"?

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Q: Why did Marie osmond turn down the lead in grease?
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Why did Marie Osmond turn down the lead in the movie Grease?

she didnt approve of the moral content

Who was originally offered the lead role of sandy in the movie version of grease?

Marie Osmond

Who sings the lead in the Osmond's songs?

merrill osmond

Who is lead singer Osmond's don't love me for fun girl?

Merrill Osmond

List of singers that starts with letter o?

first names - O: * Olivia Newton-John * Ozzy Osborne last names - O: * Buck Owens * Rick O'Casey, lead singer, The Cars * Donny Osmond, Marie Osmond, The Osmond Brothers, etc. * Roy Orbison groups - O: * OMD (Orchestial Maneuvers in the Dark) * Ozark Mountain Daredevils * Oingo Boingo * The O-Jays

Who is heather osmond?

Heather Osmond is the daughter of Merrill Osmond. Merrill is the lead singer of The Osmonds and older brother of Donny. We saw Merrill and Heather performing on a cruise a few weeks ago. Heather has a new CD out "Unafraid" she was a delight to meet.

Did the Jackson five ever record the song 'One Bad Apple'?

The Osmond Brothers did. Donny Osmond was the lead singer. They were popular the same period, 1970s, that Jackson5 were. Per communication from Merrill Osmond's assistant, Merrill was the lead singer on this song, with Donny 'squealing the refrain' Did they ever perform it? I thought I saw them perform it once when I was a child.

Who followed in Olivia Newton-John sequel to Grease?

Michelle Pfeiffer played the female lead in Grease 2.

What role did John Travolta play in Grease the musical?

The lead male role in Grease (1978) is called Danny Zuko.

What actress played a lead role in Grease 2?

Michelle Pfeiffer

What is the scientist Marie Curie known for?

discovery of the elements Radium and Poloniumstudying the decay chains from the radioactive element Uranium down to the stable element Lead

Who is the leader role for the movie grease?

The male lead is John Travolta and the female lead is Olivia Newton-John.

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