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Jacob tries to kill Renesmee because he felt that she was the reason Bella was dead (or so he thought) an he wanted to take his revenge out on her................ until he imprinted on her

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Q: Why did Jacob try and kill renesme?
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Does renesme kill Bella?

Renesme does kill Bella when she is human, but when Edward puts his venom into Bella and Jacob helps her breath by doing CPR, that makes her come back to life as a vampire, so in a way she does kill Bella.

Why do Jacob and The Cullen family try to kill renesme?

Jacob and the Cullen family do not try to kill Renesmee. In fact, they are very protective of her because she is Bella and Edward's daughter. They want to keep her safe from the Volturi and other threats that may arise due to her unique vampire-human hybrid nature.

What is Jacob's nickname for renesme?


Who does Jacob Finally inprint on?


Why is Jacob so emotional towrds Bella?

Jacob is emotional towards Bella because Jacob was in love with Bella until Renesme was born in the 4th book Breaking Dawn and Jacob imprints on Renesme.

What nickname did Jacob give Renesme?


Did Jacob make his imprint on renesme?


Does Jacob imprint on Renesme in Breaking Dawn?

Yes he does. Right after she is born Jacob hates her because he thinks she killed Bella. While Rosalie is watching Renesmee for Bella Jacob was going to kill her but when he saw her he imprinted on her.

Does Jacob Black fall in love with Renesme?

He imprinted on her.

Do Jacob and renesme like each other?


Why does bella attack Jacob in breaking dawn?

in the book, she attacks him because shes mad at him for nick-naming Renesme "Nessie", when bella hasnt even seen Renesme for the first time, and also because Jacob imprints on Renesme.

Does Jacob Black imprint on Renesme Carlie Cullen?