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Dallas was kicked out because he kept involving his personal problems of him and his girlfriend (at that time) towards the band.

There's a rumor around the internet that I've seen quite a while that argues that Dallas wanted to keep playing Heavy Metal but the rest of the band (Aaron, Tim, James, Grant & Chris) wanted to move to a lighter genre (Screamo, Hardcore, etc.) so he left...The changing genres is probably true but I don't think he would leave for such reason.


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Q: Why did Dallas leave underoath?
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When was underoath made?

UnderOATH was founded in 1997 by ex-vocalist Dallas Taylor (Maylene and the sons of disaster) and they released their first album Act Of Depression that year.

How many vocalists have Underoath had?

Underoath have had 2 lead vocalists (Spencer Chamberlain and Dallas Taylor) and 2 back up vocalists (Timothy McTague and Corey Steger).

Who are the founding members of Underoath?

The rock band 'Underoath' is an American Christian Metalcore band formed on November 30, 1997 in Ocala, Flordia. The band was founded by Dallas Taylor and Luke Morton.

Did underoath brakeup?

No, but their drummer Aaron decided to leave the band on April 5th.

When was Underoath created?

Underoath was created in 1997.

Where was underoath started?

Underoath was formed in Ocala, Florida in 1977.

Has underoath played at ichthus?


What religion does underoath practice?


Who is the lead singer of underoath?

There is currently 1 main vocalist in Underoath. The screamer is Spencer Chamberlain. The former main singer/drummer was Aaron Gillespie. However, Aaron left the band in April 2010. Underoath has not announced a new clean vocalist (what Aaron was) yet.

How old is the lead singer to Underoath?


How old is Tim from underoath?

Tim is 25

Does Aaron Gillespie sing in the band Underoath?