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Q: Has underoath played at ichthus
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What religion are the members of Underoath?

YES, Underoath is a devoutly Christian band. If you read their lyrics, there are often direct references to God. Also, they profess their Christianity at their live shows, and their frontman gives a brief testimony of how God saved him. So yes, Underoath is very much a Christian band, which makes them even more awesome than they already are : )

How many bands is aaron gillespie in?

Aaron Gillespie is in 2 bands. Underoath, which is a metalcore band where he plays drums and sings clean vocals. He also has a side project called The Almost, which is an alternative rock band where he is the lead singer. Although he is a artist so he may have many small side projects and single work but the only bands he has recorded albums with is Underoath and The Almost

What is the name of the underoath song that starts out with a creepy lady laughing?

The name of the song is "Heart of Stone". It's from their very 1st album titled Act of depression which was released in 1999.

Is the lead singer of the red jupsuit apparatus the same perons as the lead singer of the almost?

No! the lead singer of the red jumpsuit apparatus is Ronnie Winter, The lead singer of The Almost is aaron gillespie. Aaron is also in the band Underoath though. he sings and plays the drums for them.

Why did Aaron Gillespie leave underoath?

not anymore D'''': Its better for UØ that he has left though, cause now UØ can do what they wanted to, & make music that they wanted to, Aaron was the only one that did not want to play the sort of music the rest of the band did. Illuminator sounds mean! & tbh you don't even think oh where is Aaron in the song cause it sounds so Mean! Thats my opinion! haha!

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When was The Harvard Ichthus created?

The Harvard Ichthus was created in 2004.

When was Underoath created?

Underoath was created in 1997.

When was Ichthus Christian Fellowship created?

Ichthus Christian Fellowship was created in 1974.

When was Ichthus Music Festival created?

Ichthus Music Festival was created in 1970.

Where was underoath started?

Underoath was formed in Ocala, Florida in 1977.

How do you pronounce ichthus?

ick - thoos as in moo or two

What religion does underoath practice?


Who is the lead singer of underoath?

There is currently 1 main vocalist in Underoath. The screamer is Spencer Chamberlain. The former main singer/drummer was Aaron Gillespie. However, Aaron left the band in April 2010. Underoath has not announced a new clean vocalist (what Aaron was) yet.

How old is the lead singer to Underoath?


How old is Tim from underoath?

Tim is 25

When was underoath made?

UnderOATH was founded in 1997 by ex-vocalist Dallas Taylor (Maylene and the sons of disaster) and they released their first album Act Of Depression that year.

Is James from underoath really leaving?

No. He has no plans of leaving.