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Because he had been injured in a car accident in the first series.

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Q: Why did Christopher Timothy limp in the series All Creatures Great and Small?
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What TV series featured Christopher Timothy as real-life author James Herriot who worked as a veterinarian in Yorkshire in the 1940s?

All Creatures Great and Small

Who was the actor who played James herriot in all creatures great and small?

His name was Christopher Timothy.

Why did carol drinkwater leave all creatures great and small?

According to the Wikipedia article on the : "In the revived series, Lynda_Bellinghamtook over the role of Helen (following Carol Drinkwater's decision not to continue in the part, as a result of the ending of a real-life romance with Christopher Timothy).

Was there any animals harmed in All Creatures Great and Small series?

All Creatures Great and Small was a British TV series. Reportedly, no animals were harmed during the making of the show.

Was there any animal abuse in series All Creatures Great and Small?


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skelsdale house

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