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Q: Why are Volvo station wagons used in Hollywood movies?
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I need a new car, which brand of Station Wagon is best?

Subaru, Volkswagen, and Volvo all make station wagons that would suit your needs. They all offer storage room and can transport your family as well.

What models of cars are available from Volvo?

Volvo offers all sorts of models, from sedans to even station wagons. The letter in the model indicates the vehicle body type. The letter S denotes a sedan, C is a Coup, V is for a station wagon, and XC is for cross-country models. They also sell flexible fuel cars in Europe.

What car is most like a Volvo station wagon?

You'd be thinking of a Volvo station wagon.

Is there a contract between Volvo and Hollywood?


How many wiper pumps to Volvo wagons have?

One front one rear One

Why are Volvo cars used in most movies?

Because Volvo's are shiny.

Can you sleep in a 240 wagon?

Yes! Volvo station wagon's are actually one of the better of the station wagons to sleep in. The back cargo area is very well designed to lie perfectly flat, and the cargo area is wider than average for many cars in this range. I have slept in many a different station wagon while road tripping, and Volvo's (especially the 240 series) have been the most comfortable. Perfect car for camping and road tripping!

Where can one purchase a new Volvo S60 in Hollywood California?

A Volvo S60 may be purchased in close to Hollywood, California in Santa Monica at the Volvo dealership. One can also be purchased at Galpin Volvo in Van Nuys which is not so far away either.

Where might one purchase a Volvo station wagon?

A Volvo Station wagon can be purchased directly from the Volvo Dealership, though they may also be found in a number of used car dealerships both in person and online.

How do you replace a headlight on a 1980 Volvo Station Wagon 240?

My friend has a 1982 Volvo Station Wagon 240 GL that needs headlights replaced, what is the best way to go about this and about how much will it cost?

Does Volvo make a truck for the general population or do they only have commercial trucks?

Volvo does not make trucks for the standard consumer. Their manufacturing trucks and buses are a part of their business vehicle line-ups. Volvo does offer wagons and crossovers (a sports utility vehicle). The wagons come in model ‘V70’ and ‘V80. The Crossovers are marketed in model ‘XC60’, ‘XC70’, and the ‘XC90’. Both vehicles start in the high twenty to low thirty thousand dollar range.

What does tracs do in a Volvo s70?

TRACS is the name given by Volvo to a traction control system that was standard on AWD wagons and optional on front-drive models. The system applies front brakes to limit wheel slippage at speeds under 25 mph.