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Ludwig van Beetthoven

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Q: Whose work was an important link between the Classical and Romantic periods of music?
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Why is Bethoven important?

Beethoven was born in 1770 and is regarded as a classical composer. His later music was an introduction to romantic traits. Therefore he is widely considered as a link between classical and romantic periods.

What composer is the main link between the classical and the romantic periods?

Beethoven was the bridge between the two time periods.

Beethoven what period era of music were they from?

Between classical and romantic Era. He is well known as a greatest composer during classical and romantic periods. Classical Era (1730-1820) Romantic Era (1815-1910)

What was beethoven?

Beethoven was a composer of the Classical and Romantic periods.

What period is Beethoven in?

Beethoven was born during classical period in music history. Although his later works portray the romantic styles, he is widely considered as a link between the classical and romantic periods in the history of music.

What is the correct time order of these musical periods Baroque Romantic Classical?

1) Baroque 2) Classical 3) Romantic

What musical period rossini live in?

Rossini lived during the Romantic Era, although his music is said to have a link between the romantic and classical periods.

In what period did Beethoven become well known?

The Classical and Romantic periods.

What were the major instrumental forms of the romantic and classical periods?

symphony, concerto, sonata

How many periods are there in classical music?

There are many Periods in Classical Music but the most common are the Baroque(1600s), Classical (1700s-) Romantic (1800s-) Modern( 1900-s) Contemporary( now)

Modern symphony orchestras usually play music written in which periods?

classical and romantic

When was the Classical Period in history?

The Classical Period in history falls between the Baroque and Romantic periods, which was from 1730 to 1820. Some famous musicians at that time were Beethoven, Mozart, Haydn and Schubert.

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