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Robertson 'Bunny' Hare ; British comedian ; b. 1891 d. 1979 ; uttered after his pants were forcibly removed from him (to prevent his going to the police, or whatnot) -- 8 performances a week for one year each in 'A Night Like This' (1931) and 'Aren't Men Beasts' (1936 ; film 1937). I believe it was fit into many other of his rôles, however. On YouTube there is a clip from c. 1959 of Sid James (another well-known comedian of the 'Golden Age') interviewing Bunny Hare ; Bunny is enticed to utter his catch-phrase. The clip is filed under 'Aren't Men Beasts', unless memory fails me.


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Q: Whose catch phrase was Oh Calamity?
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