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The lyrics are:

Elmo's got a gun, Elmo's got a gun

Big birds on the run, Ernie's dialing 911

What made Elmo snap? Was he tired of Big birds crap?

They say when Elmo got arrested, they found Oscar headless in the trash!

I heard that Gordan's really running now that Elmo's got a gun.

The "street" never gonna be the same!

Elmo's got a gun, Elmo's got a gun.

Rover's head has come undone, Sesame Street is not real fun.

(voice) " You want me to walk down Sesame Street without a bullet proof vest!? Forget about it!"

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Elmo wrote the song ding dongs!

elmos got a gun

bernie calling 911

cause elmos got a gun

OH NO he shot big bird¸

elmos got a gun

PEWW elmos got no gun now

cause ernie has shot him

ernies got a gun

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weird al yankavich

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Q: Who wrote the song elmos got a gun?
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In the song elmos got a gun what made Elmo snap if it wasn't he was tired of big birds crap?

because Elmo was to chicken to admit he liked jessica Simpson so he took out a gun and blamed it on every one else so that's why he snapped!

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