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Rod Stewart

Rod Stewart

No it wasn't it was Jeff Fortang

It was Jeff...I bought my house from him (and his wife) in 1991...he most certainly did write it...and got little or no credit from Rod Stewart!!

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maxi priest rod Stewart Robert palmer

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Q: Who wrote the song Some guys have all the luck?
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Who are the singers with Maxi priest singing Some Guys Have All The Luck?

Jeff Fortgang wrote "Some Guys Have All the Luck." When Maxi Priest did a version of this song, he sang it by himself. Other people who sang that song are The Persuaders and Rod Stewart.

Where is the song Luck be a lady from?

It's from the musical "Guys and Dolls".

Should you sing a song you wrote to the person it is about?

If the song is nice to them yes. If the song isnt nice to them NO! Good Luck!!

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Well,it depends on the song. Some songs have some sort of meaning that can upset someone. Other songs can just be written by someone who wrote another song they dislike. Good Luck!

Who wrote the song sometimes good guys don't wear white?

Ed Cobb

Who wrote the song It must be true?

the band name is "Shalitas" !!!! good luck!!!

I wrote a dance song about hoola hoop how can I get you guys to hear it?

by sending it through e-mail??

Which famous beatle wrote song lyrics rerring to the luck of the Irish?

tom petty

Who wrote slink theme song from the good guys?

Locksley wrote the song just for the theme title song for the show. Here is a link to listen to it, since its not available on Itunes. locksley.bandcamp dot com/track/slink-a-hymn

Who wrote the song Good luck good health god bless you?

chas Adams and a lerol

Who wrote the song with lyrics in it saying I'm Coming?

Diana Ross. the song is called "Im coming out" good luck finding it!! :D

Did Rod Stewart ever sing hard luck woman?

I know KISS had a song "Hard luck woman". I believe Peter Criss wrote it. Paul Stanley wrote hard luck woman for Rod Stewart and he turned it down, Peter Criss sang it for KISS