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The better better better song

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Matt Redman wrote the song.

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Q: Who wrote the song called Better?
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Who wrote the song Ines?

TobyMac wrote a song called "All In"

Who wrote the song all in?

TobyMac wrote a song called "All In"

What are you called when you write a song?

If you wrote the lyrics, then you are a lyricist.

Who wrote the song the whippoorwill?

Ozark Mountain Daredevils, the band, wrote a song about it called "Whippoorwill".

When did Taylor write this song?

I don not no but he wrote a song called apologize

Who wrote the christian song why?

Nicole Nordeman writes a song called Why.

Who wrote the song cab driver?

The singer that wrote the song called "cab driver" was Daryl Hall and it was on her album called "Can't Stop Dreaming".

Who wrote the song desperately wanting?

Better Than Ezra

Who wrote the first calypso song and why?

is was a man called longs strider and he wrote it because he was bored... and no im not joking the song was called "parrot in my ear"

What are your rights as a songwriter I wrote the song lyrics but someone else is claiming they wrote the song?

that isillegal it is called plagirism he can be charged for this

Who wrote the song you love the mountains?

The band called The Countdown Kids wrote the song "You Love The Mountains". This song was recorded and released in January 2010.

Who wrote the christian song called revelation song?

Jennie Lee Riddle