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Monty Criswell and Rick Huckaby

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Q: Who wrote the song Muddy Water for Trace Adkins?
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Who wrote whole lotta love?

Led Zeppelin It is not exactly correct that Led Zeppelin wrote "Whole Lotta Love" even though they claimed themselves as the song author in their original album. Willie Dixon wrote the lyrics. The song was originally entitled "You Need Love" was put out by Muddy Waters in 1962. "You Need Loving" was put out by The Small Faces in 1966. Led Zeppelin recorded "Whole Lotta Love" in 1969. It's no surprise that Led Zeppelin found a lot of inspiration in American blues. If a person would trace the history and evolution of one of Led Zep's biggest hits, "Whole Lotta Love"'s roots are with Muddy Waters. Willie Dixon wrote the lyrics and sued Led Zeppelin in 1985. They settled out of court. On the CD version of the song, Willie Dixon was given his due as the person who wrote the song. Not only did Led Zeppelin "borrow" the song from Willie, they "borrowed" the vocal styling of the song from Steve Marriott of The Small Faces, who recorded the song four years earlier than Led Zeppelin.

Who wrote the song Aguanile?

Nile water or Holy water

In Metro Stations song Kelsey who is Kelsey?

Actually the name Kelsey comes from Chelsea. Chelsea is Mason Musso's ex girlfriend. He was still in love so they wrote a song. He changed the name so it would not be too personal Keslsy was a girl that Mason Musso liked. Her name was really Chelsea, he wrote a song for her, and Trace Cyrus loved it, but in order for them to make it a song, They had to change the name to Kelsey.

Who wrote the musical version of Sweeney Todd that?

Well Stephen Sondheim wrote the music and lyrics, but Christopher Bond wrote the musical. Hugh Wheeler wrote the book.

Who wrote Chicken Shack?

does anyone know who wrote chicken?

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Who wrote muddy waters?

McKinley Morganfield

Who wrote Ghosthunters and the Muddy Monster of Doom?

Cornelia Funke

Who wrote I'm are just a rolling stone?

I believe the song that you are asking about was written by Muddy Waters.

Who wrote who are you an atheist?

Are you certain about the quotation? I can find no trace of "who are you an atheist".

Does Adele laurie blue adkins have a boyfriend?

Not at the moment, she wrote many of her songs about her ex's so hopefully she writes a new one when she has a new beau.

Who wrote loka samasta sukhino bhavantu?

This is a very ancient chant. You will not be able to trace it to an individual.

What was metro station first song they wrote?

mason had writen kelsey before he met trace... but the first song they wrote as a group was seven teen forever

Who wrote adel someone like you?

She did.Answer 2The song was written by Adele Adkins and Dan Wilson and reached number one in the UK singles charts.Adele and musician Dan Wilson.

Was Mason Musso 17 when he wrote Seventeen Forever?

Mason Musso didnt write seventeen forever trace Cyrus wrote seventeen forever before he met mason musso.

Who wrote this webpage Cyrus the Great?

Without a link, who knows. Trace the link. View source to see if it tells. I am in the dark!

Who wrote the water babies?

Charles Kingsley wrote the book The Water-Babies. This is a children's novel and was written in late 1862 and early 1863.

Who wrote chasing pavements by Adele?

Adele wrote it and is the original artist.