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Don't give me no lines...

And Keep you r hands to yourself...

Georgia Satellites

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Q: Who wrote the song Don't give me no lines?
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I forgot the name of the song and the singer but i remember few lines of that song they are- everything you do and i wrote a song for YOU. Does anyone remember any song which has these lines?

The song "Yellow" by Coldplay has that line.

Who wrote the song dont forget?

Demi Lovato

Who wrote lyrics to aerosmiths you dont want to miss a thing?

Diane Warren wrote this song.

What is ed sheerans favourite song he wrote?

not sure but one of his fav lines is from little things, a song he wrote for one direction, the line is: You dont like the sound of your voice on tape, you never want to know how much you weigh, you still have to squeeze into your jeans, but i ll love you endlessly.

Who sang a song with the lyric's Give me some news I can use make me smile for a while in it?

John Kay wrote and sang the song "Give Me Some News I Can Use". John Kay wrote and sang the song "Give Me Some News I Can Use". John Kay wrote and sang the song "Give Me Some News I Can Use".

Who wrote song with Candy Candy I can't let you go?

theres no such song i dont think

Wrote a song for my ex girlfriend what do you think of it?

Dont know......Not heard it.

What did lady Diana write?

i dont know what diana wrote but elton john wrote a song FOR her death.

Who wrote the song 'All I Have to Give'?

The Backstreet Boys

Who wrote why not a Hilary Duff song?


Who wrote the song You Get What You Give?

The song "You Get What You Give" was written by the New Radicals. The song was an international hit, it was their first single, and their most successful hit.

Who wrote the song the party dont start till you walk in?