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here it is I wrote it:" Give me a dress, Ill wear it, give me makeup, Ill use it, but give me a man, I dont know what to do.SORRY ive written better ones but im not good with girly!!

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Q: Whats a cute girly chorus for a song?
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Whats the rock song where the chorus goes woohoo Da Da Da woohoo?

Song 2 by Blur Song 2 by Blur

Whats that song that the chorus is ey ey ey ey ey sounds spanishy or African it could be a remix?

remix sex

What is the song pattern?

Pop song structure is (intro) Verse Chorus Verse Chorus Bridge chorus (outro)

What is the structure of Katy Perry's song Firework?

The structure of the song Firework by Katy Perry is Verse / Pre Chorus / Chorus / Verse / Pre Chorus / Chorus / Bridge / Chorus.

What is the part of a song after the second chorus?

a chorus in a song mean the special thing about that song. it is also like the main thing about the song and it shows the point in the song and that is why the chorus is said three or more times.

Does every song have a chorus?

no a chorus is who sings the song A chorus is a repeated refrain after each verse of the song.

Whats the title of a house song which chorus goes 'And i wont be satisfied till you kiss me' a woman sings it?

Andrea Paci feat. Andrea Love - Kiss Me

When was Chorus - Erasure song - created?

Chorus - Erasure song - was created on 1991-06-17.

What are the parts are in a song?

the main parts are verse1, pre-chorus, chorus, verse2, chorus, verse3, chorus, and bridge

Whats that rap song called with the chorus that goes its new york?

Jay Z's Empire State of Mind

How can a chorus be identified in a song?

The chorus of a song can usually be identified by listening for a lyrical phrase or melodic being repeated. Normally the Chorus will follow the verse.

What songs does hailie sing with eminem?

My dad's gone crazy I think you would no that song