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Marco Antonio Solís

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Q: Who wrote the song 'tu carcel'?
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What does phrase 'tu carcel' mean?

The phrase "tu carcel" means "your jail" in English. "Tu Carcel" is a song sung by Marco Antonio Solis. A translation of the song can be found in several different places. Some of these places include Lyrics Translate and Song Meanings.

Who wrote the song 'Nadie Como Tu'?

The song 'Nadie Como Tu' was written by Wisin y Yandel. The song can be downloaded off of iTunes or listened to for free on the popular video hosting site YouTube.

When was Dame Tu Amor - song - created?

Dame Tu Amor - song - was created in 1986.

Who wrote Tu lo sai?

hi,It was written by Torelli, Giuseppe... and you can find everything about hima nd the song in google! hope this helped!Veck

What is the 1974 song ending in Tu?

The song is titled "Eres Tu" ("You Are"), and was a hit for the Spanish group Mocedades.

When was Tu amor - Luis Fonsi song - created?

Tu amor - Luis Fonsi song - was created in 2006.

When was Tu amor - RBD song - created?

Tu amor - RBD song - was created on 2006-09-22.

Who sang the song don't mess with my tu-tu?

Fats Domino

Carcel de tijuana como pagar una fianza?

necesito domiciliko de carcel 20 de noviembre tijuana

What actors and actresses appeared in Carcel - 2005?

The cast of Carcel - 2005 includes: Blake Golubic as Harley Kendra Veronica as Elizabeth

Who wrote the song Go?

Newsboys wrote this song.

Who sings a song with the lyrics soy tu esclavo si tu me lo pides soy tu gato y tu mandadero?

the song se llama "cacheteando banquetas" by los grandes de tijuana...