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Justin Timberlake's songs are written by Jive Records.

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Q: Who writes Justin Timberlake's songs?
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Any one of Justin Timberlakes songs?

Erm, there is gotta get through this , jeans stufflike that

What is Justin Timberlakes Salary?

Justin Timberlakes (often known as JT) salary is $200 a year

How does Justin bieber make his songs?

He writes his own songs.

What is Justin Timberlakes favorite colour?

Justin Timberlake's favorite color is baby blue.

Who is Justin Bieber's songwriter?

Justin Bieber writes his own songs! With HELP!

What is Justin timberlakes birth name?

Justin Randall Timberlake

Does Justin bieber write his own songs or copy them?

He mainly writes his own songs

Does Justin bieber write songs for his girlfriends?

he writes songs and if you want to know the answer you have to ask them

What is Justin Timberlakes girlfriend?

Jessica Biel

What color is Justin Timberlakes hair?

he is blonde.

Who Justin Timberlakes dad?

Justin Timberlake's dad is Randy Timberlake.

Whats Justin Timberlakes middle name?

Justin Randall Timberlake