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You'd think torterra has the obvious advantage, but me being a swampert that knows blizzard, that gives me the upper hand. I've beaten many torterra in my day...

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Q: Who would win torterra or swampert?
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Who would win torterra or venusaur?

(it is tough to say but a torterra with earthquake would win but if it doesnt know it venasaur would win do to resistances) what the no way thisis what will happenn torterra will use solar beam venusaur will do the same torterras one is stronger torterra uses harden venusaur uses takkle there both defeted

Who would win a Pokemon battle Blastoise or swampert?

i think blastoise would win but it's up to you

What is the best grass type Pokemon besides torterra legendaries and roserade which is optional in Pokemon pearl for the Pokemon league?

sceptile he was like omg he pwned my torterra and swampert

I have got a gabite lv47 rhydon lv44 gallade lv43 magmar lv48 togekiss lv46 and torterra lv51 on Pokemon platinum is this good?

no its poopy no its weak set i have lv 100 torterra,golem and swampert on platinum

Which will win Empoleon torterra Infernape Scizor or Garchomp?


What Pokemon does the elite four have and would a level 71 torterra be able to defeat them?

no. the champion is too tough. maybe if you had a lv.100 torterra and a palkia. i beat the champion with torterra and palkia.

What is the best three Pokemon team?

Team 1 are INFERNAPE,EMPOLEON,TORTERRA. Team 2 is ENTEI,SUICUNE,RAIKU,MOLTRES,ARTICUNO,and ZAPDOS. Team 3 is charizard,blastoise,venusuar,blaziken,swampert, and sceptile

Can a torterra learn magical leaf?

No. And to be honest Magical Leaf on a Torterra would be useless if it could due to Torterra being a Physical Attacker not a Specialist Attacker (Magical Leaf is a Special Move)

Good Pokemon team?

A good Pokemon team starts with a good trainer, This is my team Venasaur-( my favorite ) Charizard Sceptile Blastoise Swampert Blaziken My team is: Scizor Gallade Milotic Arcanine Tyranitar Torterra Jelk jelk

What is the first evolution for torterra?

Torterra does not evolve.

What is a nickname for torterra?

An OK name for a Torterra would be like.... Earth,Tort,Fraser,Tortoise or something like toothpaste hope this helped.

How do you beat flannery in Pokemon ruby?

you would have a advantage if you have swampert if you dont like swampert get any of the types i wrote ground,rock or water types