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i think sonic would win but then again sub zero may freeze sonic but sonic can just turn super and kill subzero before he even seen it coming

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Q: Who would win sub zero or sonic?
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Who would win in a fight sub-zero or scorpion?

SHAO KAHN shao kahn would win his bigger and stronger I think raiden would he threatend to rip his flesh from his bones i would belive raiden could kill everyone with his god-like powers sux u cant use them in battle :(

Who will win sub-zero or shinnok?


Who would win Scorpion or Subzero?

i think scorpion would win but it makes sense that sub-zero fans would say sub-zero so technicelly i cant answer that.

Who would win in a fight sub zero or smoke?


Would sub zero or scorpion win in a fight?

SCORPION scorpion has already killed sub-zero in the older mortal kombat , then scorpion found out it was the older sub-zero then he sweard to guard the younger sub-zero

Who would win in a death match sub zero or scorpion?

probably scorpion

Who would win in a fight between Sub-zero and Gandhi?

Ghandi would priase Allah and go boom but sub zero would freeze him, then ghandi would priases Allah again

Sub zero vs scorpion?

i like sub zero better but i would say scorpion wins it all depends if you follow the actual storyine Quan Chi tricks Scorpion into killing Sub Zero. But Sub Zero's younger brother takes the orignal Sub Zero's place. Scorpion leanrs he has been duped and vows to protect the New Sub Zero, and to destroy Quan Chi. Sub Zero later Gains the dragon amulet from Onaga, making him more powerful, much more powerful. So the new Sub Zero with the aide of his amulet would win Against Scorpion.

Who would win a fight sub-zero or General Grievous?

Sub-zero because he would just freeze Grievous without trying. Do you know who General Grievous is?? If you don't, he's a cyborg from Star Wars with 4 arms, 4 lightsabers, incredible agility and jumping skills, and a bad temper. Grievous would own Sub-Zero so bad that Sub-Zero would suffer a good fatality, Star Wars style.

Who would win Amy or Sonic?

Although this answer is completely opinionated, SONIC WOULD WIN FOR SURE!!!

Who would win Sonic or Jet?

I think it would be sonic

Who would win black ops or sonic?