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the question is clear the spinosaurus would win. even though the t rex is the dinosaur king the spinosaurus is larger, stronger, and more of a swimmer than a t rex. also the t rex has tiny two clawed arms and the spinosaurus has long three clawed arms. plus the sinosaurus can jump farther and hit harder when jumping towards something. its arms can help the spinosaurus to jump farther by using them as legs.

That guy above me is totally incorrect. Most likely some kid that just watched jurassic park 3. First of all if spinosaurus fell, it would die instantly because the spine is connected to the fin. And also, the spinosaurus is not stronger than the t-rex, Researches found that the T-rex may be the strongest bite force that a land animal ever existing. And also, T-rex and Spino both lived on different places, so they would never fight each other. Spino's jaws aren't meant for killing dinosaurs however they are meant for catching fish unlike the t-rex which had experience killing dinosaurs.

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Spinosaurus was in fact sometimes victimised by the large allosaurs of its era. Built more lightly than allosaurs, and more of a fisheater, the battle in Jurassic Park Three with T Rex was pure Hollywood. Although a fearsome beast, it would have been no match for T Rex or large allosaurs.

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it depends on the habitat because if tyrannosaurus was swimming to the other side of a river it would easily be drowned by spinosaurus or suffocated and if on land spinosaurus would have little chance surviving or running away with its small legs making it slow while tyrannosaurus was chomping away on it. spinosaurus and tyrannosaurus didnt live in the same place so it would be impossible for them to meet

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In any reason,the Spinosaurus could win but when you will get more curious in this way,and add it with more scientifical harder studies,the true winner must be the T.rex .

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Q: Who would win spinosaurus or allosaurus?
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Who would win Giganotosaurus or Spinosaurus?

Giganotosaurus. Spinosaurus was a slimmer animal and was believed to have fed on fish. In the movie Jurassic Park Three, spinosaurus kills a t rex. T rex was also too heavy for a spinosaur to win in a fight.That scene was pure Hollywood! Spinosaurus would win.It was much bigger than any dinosaur that lived mostly giganotosaurus , it's jaw was strong enough to break through its neck. I disagree with the Above statement. The spinosaurus is was the largest dinosaur to ever walk the earth. It measured at close to 60 feet long and weighed up to 9 tons. This is more than 2000 pounds more than any t rex. In addition to that they hand massive 7 foot arms with 15 inch extremely sharp talons on the end making it a formidable dino. These were swung with somewhere over 4500 pounds of pressure making their arms one of the most deadly weapons this planet has ever known

Who would win t-rex or carcharodontosaurus?

x A spinosaurus is bigger in size and its mouth is longer so that gives it a range advantage, but the T-rex is built for fighting other theropods. A trex is much more heavily built but spinosaurus has high size so it could use it to knock over the t rex and this isnt UFC so its not a brawl on the ground my overall answer is Spino=56% T-rex=44%

Who would win cougar vs elephant?

The elephant would win.

Who would win Persian or barbarian?

obviously army to army Persians would win by tactics but one to one a barbarian would win

Who would win in a fight liu kang or raiden?

raiden would win

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Which will win allosaurus or spinosaurus?

spinosaurus because it's bigger

Is there an allosaurus in Jurassic Park III?

no there is not an allosaurus but there is a spinosaurus

Who will win spinosaurus vs allosaurus in a fight?

Neither, a T Rex will come along and eat both before the bell rings

What is the albertosaurus enemy?

T-Rex , spinosaurus , And allosaurus

Who would win in a fight between Allosaurus and Acrocanthosaurus?

Here is my knowledge. Acrocanthosaurus was 40 feet long and wieghed 5 tons, while Allosaurus is 36 feet long and tiped the scales at 7,500 pounds. Acrocanthosaurus was larger and coul take more damage, while Allosaurus had speed and eyesight on its side. Who would win? Probably Acrocanthosaurus.

Who would win a spinosaurus or a baronox?

Spinosaurus would be able to win this pretty easily, considering Baryonyx was much smaller.

Who would win spinosaurus or mapusaurus?

mapusarus would win in a fight because spinosaurus only ate fish so its teeth were small and brittle plus it was only 18 to 20 feet tall so spinosaurus would not win under any cercomstanses

What was larger and more ferocious than TRex?

Giganotosaurus spinosaurus carcharodontosaurus and allosaurus.

What dinosaurs lived in Africa?

erm Spinosaurus, Ouranosaurus and Allosaurus but I'm sure dere's more.

Which will win rugops or allosaurus?

allosaurus. due to its size rugops would have a hard time battling its large enemy unless rugops was in a group. rugops had small slicing teeth used to eat meat and grip on prey, not designed for chomping prey and allosaurus had a weak bite force but with sharper teeth so allosaurus would win. allosaurus lived during the jurassic and rugops lived during the late cretaceous

Who would win allosaurus or suchomimus?

suchomimus. allosaurus would be severely injured by its enemies claws and allosaurus with its weak bite force would usually flee. suchomimus was about 2 times bigger then allosaurus but suchomimus did not prey on large animals.its teeth,and snout were designed for catching fish and small dinosaurs. if forced it would battle and they did not live in the same period.

Who would win a Tyrannosaurus or a Spinosaurus?

A Spinosaurus Just because they are bigger and have more muscle mass and their claws are more useful, but it does matter what type of terrain.