Who would win kid buu or vegito?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Vegetto and superbuu was even in power then vegetto whent ssj and he was 50 times stronger than superbuu, but kidbuu is twice as strong as superbuu, if vegetto was normal, kidbuu can easily win, if vegetto when super, he could easily win kid buu, another thin goku ssj3 and vegetto is deadon even so figure out for yourself, you saw the figth of kidbuu and ssj3 goku.

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Q: Who would win kid buu or vegito?
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Who would win trunks or kid buu?

kid Buu

Who would win in a fight pre-crisis superman or kid buu?

kid buu

Kid buu super buu?

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ANSWER: Kid Buu will win and is much better. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Who would win Majin Buu or Doomsday?

Fat Buu loses, Super Buu stalemates and Kid Buu curbstomps.

Who would win evi buu or kid buu?

Kid buu aparrently because if you watched dbz you would know because it is the Purest (therefore strongest) of all the Buu`s forms.

Who would win in a fight vegito or Superman?


Who is stronger vegito or mystic gohan?

I do have to say mystic gohan is very strong but just doesn't have the potential. Majin Vegeta's evil heart was awaken by Bobbidy, so vegeta is way more ruthless and less caring. and Vageta is super duper strong. So that one has to go to Vegeta.

Who is stronger SSJ4 Gogeta or SSJ2 Vegito?

SSJ4 gogeta is stronger than ssj2 vegito but in a fight vegito would win. Because due to his immense ki ssj4 gogeta defuses after only 10 mins so after that VEGITO RULES!!! and even he can access ssj4 if need be, yes he could have finished of super buu he didn't to save the other's inside him

Who would win ultimate gohan or kid buu?

Ultimate Gohan, since he is stronger than SSJ Gotenks & SSJ3 Goku No, kid buu because he's like 50 times stronger than gohan buu, and it only took gotenks buu to beat him.

Who would win in a fight broly or vegito?

Vegito even in his Normal state.

Who would win pre-crisis superman or super vegito?

super vegito

Who would win in a fight gogeta ss1 or super vegito?

Super Vegito