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the python

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Q: Who would win in a fight with a python vs a hippo?
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What would win in a fight a purple hippo or a golden cow?

The hippo.

Who would win in a fight between and elephant and a hippo?

The Shark

Would a bat win in a fight with a python?

A bat would be too fast for the python to catch, but it cant kill the python.

Who would win in a fight between a yak an ox 5 lions and a hippo?

Possibly the hippo.

What would win in a fight between hippo or lion?

you got to think about the lion will eat the hippo snd the hippo will kill it

Who would win in a fight a wolf or a hippo?

That is a trick question, if the fight were to be near a lake or forest, the bear would win. If the fight were to take place up in a rocky place, the mountain lion would win. if the fight were to be in a lake, the crocodile would win.

Would a anteater beat a hippo in a fight?

No an anteater cannot beat a hippo in a fight because the only thing an anteater does is really eat ants not fight. So the hippo would win because the hippo would stomp on the anteater. duhh

Who would win a fight between an alligator and a full grown python?


Who will win in a fight between hippo or tiger?

In the event of a hippo ever fighting a tiger, the hippo would win hands down. first of all, those things are ferocious and a tiger would not be able to combat it's giant mouth and enormous display of strength. also, a hippo's anger is its best weapon, it would destroy a tiger in a fight

Would a rock python fight a hyena for food?

African rock pythons will fight hyenas for food. Usually, the python will win unless the hyena bites its head.

Who would win in a fight between 2 gorillas 5 dogs and a hippo?

It is likely that the hippo would win this fight. The 5 dogs would not be surprised that the gorillas would kill them by either hiting them with stones and sticks. When the 2 gorillas defeated the dogs by throwing sticks, the 2 gorillas may throw stones at the hippo, but this would only make it want to fight more. The hippo would come to grab the gorillas with its large jaws and crunch them to death.

Who would win hippo or buffalo?

The hippo and the bison lives in completely different environments. Even if they fought each other, the hippo has a weight, size, thick skin, and big jaw advantage over the bison. In a fair fight, the hippo may win.