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Ronald McDonald would come back from the naughty side of mcdonalds and come inside to find a cup of red spirm. he would go over to it to drink it when the kool-aids man would burest into the room through his wall and ytackle him but rnald McDonald would jump into the ball pit (which he uses to ubduct children) and kool-aids man would fallow where the sex craved childre mostly todlers and rape him and he would get aids and die so 1 up for sex craved todlers

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Q: Who would win in a fight Ronald McDonald or Burger King man?
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Would Ronald McDonald or the Burger King win?

burger king fa shoooooooooooooooo

Who would win in a fight Ronald McDonald or the Burger King?

Ronald would win because he has the advantage of not wearing a big mask that messes up his peripheral vision. The Kings Head is also very big making it hard to stay balanced!! the king would lose due to his unproperly proportioned body

Would kool aid man or Ronald McDonald win in a fight?

i have to say the kool aid man. kool aid man all the way

Who portrayed Ronald McDonald during his first television appearance?

I'm not sure but i know that Willard Scott created Ronald McDonald. I'm unsure who played the role of Ronald, but my guess would be Willard Scott.

Which of these unique burgers would you be able to order in a Japanese McDonald's?

Chicken-Tatuta Burger

If you lived on Neptune what would you eat?

Well if Neptune had life, we would have to build a McDonald's or Burger King.

Which is healthier McDonald's or Burger King?

It depends on what you chose to purchase. Some items can be better or worse. If you were to buy a salad at Mcdonalds it would be better than a burger.

What does Ronald McDonald's feces look like?

Ronald McDonald's feces would look the same as everyone else's. He is just an ordinary person dressed as a clown mascot. Being in costume does not change biology.

Which is better McDonald's or Burger King?

MacDonalds is by far the better fast food restaurant because every Kid i know would choose it over Burger king. It is extremly popular with kids and adults all over the UK.----------------------------------that's just an opinion, it could be both....Burger King..they have better burgersyeah but McDonald's chips are better.but you CANNOT beat the McDonald's hamburger.that's THE best burger in the universe.

Is paying to stay at a Ronald McDonald house tax deductible?

I can't think of any way that paying the small amount that you pay to stay at a Ronald McDonald house would ever be tax deductible. Sorry.

What specific restaurants would you go to for a cheap date?

McDonald's KFC Taco Bell Burger King Denny's

Who was the establisher of Ronald McDonald house?

I think by establisher you mean founder...? and by that the answer would be, John and Joan Canuso.