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An Artic wolf would win Wolfs ar biger than foxes.

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Arctic wolf. Too big for the fox.

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Q: Who would win arctic fox or arctic wolf?
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Does the Arctic wolf beat the Arctic fox?

no the fox will win

Who would win out of a figt between a fox or a wolf?

obviously a fox. A fox is about 10 times weaker

Who will win in a fight grey wolf or red wolf?

A Gray wolf is stronger than any wolf in the world But if the Arctic Wolf get a lot of there pack members then the Arctic Wolf would win

Who would win a cat or groundhog?

A red fox would typically not fight against a powerful opponent like a wolf. But in a situation where fleeing was not possible, the wolf would kill the fox, there is no contest. A typical red fox weighs 7 kilograms on average, which is little more than a domestic cat. An average grey wolf weighs in at around 38 kilograms, and is almost twice as tall, and as long.

Who would win a fight wolf with rabies or a spotted hyena?

It depends. If it is a gray wolf, then a wolf would win. But if it is a smaller type of wolf, then a hyena might win.

Who would would win in a fight a wolf or a human?

The Arctic wolf is a subspecies of the Timber wolf. But it all depends on the agility, the strength and the courage of the wolves fighting. All wolves are different, and their abilities vary. Some may be very energetic quick, and able to tire the other wolf out. But the other may be more powerful than the other.

Who would win in a fight a fox or a wolf?

In a normal fight - a hawk... Looking in terms of the University of Minnesota - Golden Gophers vs the University of Iowa - Hawkeyes, Minnesota has their number.

What would win a bear or a wolf?

A single bear would win against a single wolf.

Who would win a wolf or a Ram?


Who would win in a fight a wolf or a jackel?

A wolf.

Who would win in a fight a cat or a wolf?


Who would win in a fight wolf or hygena?