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Lion no contest. A Cheetah would be destroyed in this mach up its not even 1 fraction in size of a Lioness and Lions are the top predators in the animal kingdom. The Lion has this one.

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The lion is much larger than a cheetah and would win.

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a cheetah because he would cheat

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well a lion would definetly win in a fight but a cheetah could run away faster and

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Q: Who would win a lion or a cheetah?
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Who would win a cheeda or a lion?

In a race, a cheetah would obviously win, but in nature animals don't usually race, and if a cheetah were trying to outrun a lion to escape, a lion has more endurance and thus may be able to catch up to the cheetah. In a fight where the cheetah is unable to flee, lions usually win and kill the cheetah. However, there are definitely exceptions to the rule. As shown on an episode of Animal Planet's series "Big Cat Diaries," a mother cheetah was with her cubs when a lion came. The cheetah stood her ground as the lion approached, and then she charged the lion. The lion ran away, and none of the cheetah family were harmed.

Who would win cheetah or tiger?

It depends, if it's a short race, you would lose. Cheetah's can run 75 MPH. That's their top speed. A humans top speed is 20 mph, and that was an Olympic runner. I would say you lose. Luckily for you, if the race is about a mile, you have a chance. After running a little less than a mile, a cheetah will overheat and will rest for several minutes.

What would win in a fight cheata or a wof?

the cheetah would win because the cheetah is way faster and and has stronger claws the cheetah and wolf would fight and the winner would be the cheetah

Who is winner cheeth or lion in fight?

The lion will win hands down if there is a one on one fight. A full grown male lion is nearly 4 or 5 times heavier than a cheetah and atleast 2 to 3 times larger in size. However, the lion is not as fast as the cheetah. So, catching one would be the difficult part. If they do, then the cheetah doesn't stand a chance.

Which animal would win a cheetah or a wilddog?

The cheetah would win. Cheetahs are the fastest land animal.

What would win panther or lion?

The lion would win.

What would win out of a fight bear or cheetah?

In an all-out fight (not race) a bear would win. In a race of speed, obviously the cheetah would win.

What is the difference of a Cheetah and a wolf?

Based on my conclusion, The cheetah would win, even though the cheetah may be frightened by the wolf's appearance, the cheetah would be fast enough to outsmart him, and win.

Who would win between the liger and the lion?

In general, a lion would likely win in a fight against a liger due to the lion's natural instincts and hunting abilities. However, in reality, such a specific matchup is unlikely to occur in the wild.

What Animals Would Win Some Fights With Eatchover?

Lions vs African Buffalo 60% Lion would Win !! lion vs Elephant 80% Elephant Would Win Lion Vs Tiger ? Tiger would win 90% Rhinoserous vs Lion Very Difficult for Lion zebra vs Lion ? Lion would win 80% giraffe vs Lion Lion would win 70% of the Time

Is lion or cheetah strong?

lion is stronger than cheetah

What would win lioness vs male cheetah?

male cheetah :)