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Based on my conclusion, The cheetah would win, even though the cheetah may be frightened by the wolf's appearance, the cheetah would be fast enough to outsmart him, and win.

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Q: What is the difference of a Cheetah and a wolf?
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Who would win in a one on one battle a wolf of cheetah?

defenitly a cheetah although there a cat and dog a cheetah can easily bite the wolf in the neck and kill it leaving the wolf no choise to run -ely d.

What is faster - a cheetah or a red wolf?

No the cheetah is the fastest land animal.

What will win cheetah or wolf?

The wolf, probably because it is stronger and has more powerful jaws. Also, the wolf is used to fighting while the cheetah isn't. The cheetah may be fast, but cheetahs are fragile and if they get a single injury they can die. Wolf is more poweful and has more agility. While the cheetah tires quickly, the wolf can run 40 miles without stopping. WINNER:WOLF

Can a gray wolf kill a cheetah?

Technically, yes, a Gray Wolf COULD kill a Cheetah. But naturally, in the wild? -Probably NOT, as Cheetahs live in Africa and Gray Wolves live in North America. Plus, the wolf would have to CATCH the Cheetah first. No easy feat as the Cheetah has been clocked running 70 miles per hour. I disagreee because I wolf can run an hour without tiring. A cheetah on the other hand can only run for thirty seconds. That means a cheetah-feast for the wolf!

Can a cheetah have a baby with a wolf?

No , the two are genetically incompatible .

Who would win a cheetah or wolf and why?

According to the site provided in the Related Links area, it does not say who will win, but, I believe the wolf might win against a cheetah in a fight, but not in a race.

What would win in a fight cheata or a wof?

the cheetah would win because the cheetah is way faster and and has stronger claws the cheetah and wolf would fight and the winner would be the cheetah

Who would win a race of 2 miles a cheetah or a wolf?

Wolf. Cheetahs are sprinters, not distance runners.

Will a wolf outrun a cheetah if it is tired of running fast?

Well it is hard to say, the cheetah runs really fast (100m in 4 seconds) where as the wolf it is pretty fast but I don't think he could out run the cheetah, but if he tried his very best without getting tired then he might have a chance.

Other than the cheetah what are fast animals?

A fox coyyote wolf are fast too so they might be even fast than a cheetah

What are the jungle fury sprites?

the lion/ the tiger/ the jaguar/ the cheetah/ the wolf / the rhino

Can a cheetah run faster than a wolf?

no wolves are not faster than cheetahs!