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I don't know if this actually premiered on TV yet, but I watched it on YouTube, and Jay won with 3255 points! Congrats Jay! (: Glad you like Fetch BTW, season four is premiering September 28th, 2009!

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Q: Who won season 3 of fetch with ruff ruffman?
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Is there Fetch with Ruff Ruffman in Australia?

I hope so, I live in Australia, but I don't know the channel of it. Fetch! with Ruff Ruffman Season 1 in Australia just passed. I think it was Johny who won season 1.Second answer:there was no one named Johny.Duhh!

Who won fetch with ruff ruffman season 4?

Liza was 1st and won the helmet of victory 2nd was Isaac 3rd was Talia 4th was Sterling then Bethany was 5th and Brian was last

Who wins fetch season 3?

Jay wins Season 3 he takes his place on the wall of fame next to Anna and Mike and wins a huge Ruff Trophy. JAY WON SEASON 3. I WAS HOPING SAMMY WOULD WIN. :(

Who won on the second season of fetch with rough roughman?

Mike won the 2nd season

Who won fetch with rough roughman season 5?


Who won on season 1 of FETCH with rough roughman?


What did Marco the season 5 champion on Fetch with Ruffruffman win at the end of the Grand Fanale?

Marco won the golden fetchie at the end of the season.

Who one fetch?

the correct question would be who won fetch?

Who won season 5 in fetch with rough roughman?

Marco won. And you might not believe this, but he was all the way down in 6th place in the beginning of the finale. But then he beat everyone and made it to the top.

Who won fetch season 1?

Anna Sheridan won season 1,Season 2 was Mike Spence ,Season 3 was Jay Brosnan,season 4 was Liza Giangrande and Marco was Season 5 Winner (they dont put any of the last names on season 5 Fetchers on wikipedia) P.S. Season 6 is cancelled please figure out how to sign a petition to get it back on the air!

Who won Fetch Season 5?

1st place: Marco 2nd place: Emmie 3rd place: Rubye 4th place: Shreya 5th place: Marc 6th place: Jay

Who won the tester season 2?

Gaymer won season two