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risky won

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Q: Who won this season's charm school?
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Who won charm school with Ricki Lake?

Risky won.

Who won charm school with ricky late?


Who wins charm school 3?

riscky won

Who won Charm School 3 with Rikki Lake?


On charm school 3 who won?

on it says that risky won but i am going to watch the finale to see if she did

Who went home this week on Charm School 3?

Risky won. (Ebony Jones)

How many pages does The Charm School have?

The Charm School has 544 pages.

When was The Charm School created?

The Charm School was created on 1988-04-01.

What is the ISBN of The Charm School?

The ISBN of The Charm School is 0-446-51305-9.

When was Astromantic Charm School created?

Astromantic Charm School was created on 2004-09-20.

How do you get admission in princess charm school?

by some simple test

What can one learn from Charm School?

Charm school is a television show that is played on VH1 and it has contestants who try to win thousands of dollars and they also get the title of Charm School Queen if they win.