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Undertaker got the best of mysterio and won the match with a Last Ride

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Q: Who won rey mesterio vs undertaker world heavyweight?
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Who won between Ray misterio and the under taker?

The Undertaker won after doing the last ride to Rey Mysterio retaining the World Heavyweight Champion.

When is undertaker returning?

Undertaker is currently out due to injury in real life. On the Smackdown prior to Memorial Day, Undertaker had a match with Rey Mysterio where Mysterio broke Undertaker's nose and face bones in multiple places with a sloppy landing. Recently on his time off, he got married to fiance WWE Diva Michelle McCool. In storyline, WWE has speculated that someone has attacked the Undertaker and put him in a vegetative state making Kane, Undertaker's storylined brother, start looking for revenge stalking and attacking the likes of CM Punk & SES, Big Show, Jack Swagger and Rey Mysterio. Rumor has it that Undertaker will make some sort of surprise appearance at this summer's Summerslam in someway either during or after Mysterio's Heavyweight Championship match against the current World Champ Kane. But of course that has not been confirmed.

What titles has Rey Mysterio held?

WWE Tag Team championship World HeavyWeight Championship Intecontinental (of i know from 6th April 2009 and WWE CHAMPIONCHIP

Is rey mysterio going to be world heavyweight champion again?

No Rey Mysterio Jr. is not Rey Mysterio. Rey Mysterio is the one who trained rey mysterio Jr. Rey Mysterio is rey myserio Jr.'s uncle You are partly right in that Rey Mysterio, Sr. did train Rey Mysterio, Jr. BUT Rey Mysterio, Jr. has dropped the Jr. off of his name is known as Rey Mysterio. So in that regard you are wrong.

How many times did rey mesterio win the WWE championship?

its called google hahaha in WWE, Mysterio has won the World Heavyweight Championship, the WWE World Cruiserweight Championship three times, the WWE Tag Team Championship four times and the WWE Intercontinental Championship twice, making him the 21st person to win the Triple Crown Championship

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Will batista become world heavyweight champion?

most likely no he even lost to rey but will rey win against undertaker no undertaker is big strong and scary.

Did Rey Mysterio win the Royal Rumble 2010?

no he did not win the world heavyweight championship he lost to the undertaker.

Was the undertaker and rey mysterio match in 2010?

Yes at the Royal Rumble Pay-Per-View for 'Taker's World Heavyweight Championship.

Who won between Ray misterio and the under taker?

The Undertaker won after doing the last ride to Rey Mysterio retaining the World Heavyweight Champion.

When did batista and rey mesterio become friends?

about 2004

Who is Rey Mysterio's father?

El Hijo de Rey Misterio is the name of the father of Rey Mesterio

Who did Rey Mysterio fight at WWE Bragging Rights?

He was in a Fatal 4-Way match for the World Heavyweight Championship against Undertaker(c), Batista, and CM Punk.

When will undertaker come back to WWE?

soon. Late in May against Rey Mysterio The Undertaker suffered a broken orbital bone, concussion, and a broken nose. It is rumored that he will return and face Kane for the World's Heavyweight Championship

Who won the fatal 4 way 2010 world healvyweight?

it was world champion jack swagger vs. cm punk vs. big show vs. undertaker but undertaker got really really hurt so it was a 10 man battle royal and Rey mysterio won it and Rey mysterio won the world heavyweight championship

Where does rey mesterio live?

619 San Diego, California

Where is a picture of Rey Misterio with out his mask on?

Rey Mesterio never even takes his mask off.

Who won the heavyweight championship held on cristmas night?

undertaker won by DQ because batista interfered wich ended rey mysterio doing the 619 on undertaker and then on batista