Who will win luffy or lucci?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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This is a spoiler if you have not reached that far in the storyline. Luffy ends up beating Lucci, finishing with Gomu Gomu no Jet Gatling Gun. He is unable to move afterwards, however, and there are only able to escape because the Going Merry shows up, and Robin's hands push him into the ocean.

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Q: Who will win luffy or lucci?
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What episode did luffy defeat lucci?

he defeated lucci in episode 309

When did Luffy beat Lucci?

Luffy does not kill Rob Lucci. He defeats him in episode 309, though Lucci survives the encounter, critically wounded. He appears in a manga cover story, along with the rest of CP9, as they raise funds for his medical treatment, and revisit the island on which they were trained. Lucci reappears in the Dressrosa arc, now as a member of CP-0.

Who would win zoro vs sanji?

Zoro would win: // his bounty is higher then sanji // zoro uses swords and sanji only uses legs //zoro is more stronger then sanji Zoro is the same as luffy, luffy got bigger bounty because he want to fight the strongerz person like lucci

Who would win luffy or doomsday?

Luffy would win, but it would be hard.

Who will win batman or monkey d luffy?


Who is stonger luffy or jimbei?

Luffy is stronger than Jinbe. If luffy fights Jinbe seriously, he would win..

Who will win Goku vs luffy?

Goku wins by blowing up the planet luffy is standing on.

Luffy vs plastic man who would win?

luffy would most definetly win although looking it up, if luffy did the 1000 degree bazooka, plastic man would not live very long.

When does luffy learn third gear?

He learns gear third during his fight with Rob Lucci trying to save Nico Robin from the world government.

How would captain America and thor take down luffy and nami from One Piece?

well I really think that luffy and nami would win

Who is more dumb luffy or naruto?

Luffy actually both of them because both of them are jackshit at smartness but when it comes to fighting both can go beyond to win.

Who would win Monkey D Luffy or Mrs Incredible?

Monkey d luffy!!!!!!!! Elastagirl cannot do hone fusen,make herself be a punch ball