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Anime first then the characters from that anime.


TTGL: TTGL, Anti-Spiral

Saint Seiya: All the Gold Saints, Pegasus Seiya

Bastard!!: Dark Schneider, Porno Diano, Satan, Uriel

Tenchi Muyo!: Kami Tenchi, Celestials, The Counter Actor, The 3 godesses, Z

Digimon: ZeedMilleniummon,Milleniummon

I would go on to comics such as marvel and DC but that will make the list longer by like an extra 20-30 characters

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Goku murderstomps. Yes, Goku will murderstomp Naruto, because in anime reality when someone can punch a mountain and destroy it without even trying, that puch is going to kill the strongest ninja in Naruto, because not even Naruto's strongest punch can break a huge mountain like goku, so there shows you Goku is stronger.

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Gogeta definately... Goku alone could have killed Naruto easily, as he could blow up planets with 1 Kamehameha, but fused with Vegeta it will just be overkill...

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goku would beat him sensless end of disscussion

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Q: Who will beat who Goku or naruto?
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Can naruto beat Goku?

That's a question that can't really be determined but since naruto has sage mode and goku has super sayans it would probably be a tie. In the manga he naruto can now turn into a hybrid so my bets on him.! But it is hard to determine like the outcome of Naruto VS Sasuke.

Can Goku beat up naurto?

No. Goku can't beat up naruto because if goku can even destroy a planet, kyuubi tailed naruto can regenerate and put a nine rasengan up goku's a**

Goku vs Naruto?

Naruto GOKU IS WEAK MY GUY you understand me Naruto is the strongest no matter what

Does Goku Know Naruto?

Yes! Goku know Naruto.

Who win a fight between goku ssj4 vs naruto 9 tails?

Kid Goku from dragonball is enough to beat naruto. SSJ10 doesn't exist and therefore loses.

Who is better Naruto or Goku?

Goku would kick narutos' a** but naruto would probably put up a good fight with goku only using one hand only just kidding naruto using the fourth tail could beat goku everyone in fact with all of them using full s.s so just know that and besides naruto's people have their ways of beatin dragon ball z.

How do you beat son goku in naruto cartoon heroes league?

cheat go to ranging sangoku evrytime

Who would win Naruto vs Goku?

"naruto easily" no. Naruto is a barely hypersonic mountainbuster. goku is a massively hypersonic large planetbuster. how can Naruto win this?

Who is more famous naruto or goku?


Goku ssj10 is more powerfull or Naruto?

Goku is massivly stronger than naruto. He blows up planets.

Who is stronger Naruto or Goku?

Goku. Obviuosly. He is a massively hypersonic planetbuster.

Can Goku beat vegeta and gohan?

yes goku can beat them.