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Peter and Charlotte

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Q: Who were the southerners that Jasper knew?
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Edward didn't mean to push Jasper like that right?

in the trailer? or book? in both, he was just protecting Bella. He knew that Jasper would survive, but Bella might not.

Who knew about slavery?

Everybody?... Slavery was wide spread, everybody knew about slavery during the American Civil War, if you mean "Who believed in it?" then that is also hard to answer, as it was the Northerners, who had no use for slaves, and the southerners, who relied on them.

In order of the family of the cullens and hales Emmett or Jasper then Alice or Rosalie then edward in the family with carlisle and Esme right?

Carlisle was the first...who then turned Edward because his mother knew Carlisle was a vampire and asked him to save him from spanish influenza...then Esme.Rosalie was meant for Edward but she found EmmetAlice saw into the future and knew Jasper needed her help.

Edward didnt mean to push bell away from Jasper cause he knew what jasper was thinking right?

he did mean to push Bella away, he did hear what jasper was thinking but if he hadn't of pushed Bella out the way then jasper would have been able to bite or kill her, but even though edward did mean to push her he didn't mean to push her that hard that she would get hurt by the glass or table. edward didnt mean to push jasper or Bella in new moon like that right?

What made the Southerners fear that the North would abolish slavery?

The Southerners knew that the North or the Union wanted to abolish slavery. With the growing friction between the South and the North, they threatened to secede if a Republican became president, which happened when Aberham Lincoln became president. The Southerners feared that their rich southern way of life would end.

In the movie twilight why did Alice say to Jasper he was ok and that he wouldn hurt Bella plus can you put the meanning's?

Jasper struggles being around humans and because Alice can see the future she knew he would be able to control himself around Bella.

How did Alice fall in love with Jasper Hale?

Alice had once a vision about Jasper in the Cullen family. She went out to search him, while she didn't even knew him yet. Then she met Jasper at a dinner located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Jasper toke her hand and Alice said she waited long for him. "I'm sorry ma'am." he answered. Then they went to search Esmé and Carlisle, and on the way they fell in love. Not long after that moment, they got secretly married.

Where is Jasper TX?

Jasper is in Jasper county, Texas.

What was the exact scene when Alice and Jasper met?

In "Twilight," Alice and Jasper meet in the school cafeteria when Alice approaches Bella to introduce herself as her new classmate. Alice expresses relief that Bella's arrival in Forks will make Jasper's life easier. Later on, Alice and Jasper accompany Bella and Edward to a restaurant where they share more about their vampire identities.

What nicknames did Jasper Watts go by?

Jasper Watts went by Jasper.

What is Jasper's real name?

Jasper Hale was born as Jasper Whitlock. Jackson Rathbone portrays Jasper in the Twilight film.

Where is the Jasper Free Library in Jasper located?

The address of the Jasper Free Library is: 3807 Library Street, Jasper, 14855 0053