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With all due respect... Rick James had numerous musicians during his 25 plus yrs. in the business. However, the band most people remember seeing on tour and hearing on Rick's albums namely, "BUSTIN' OUT, FIRE IT UP, STREET SONGS" and others is the band that first signed contracts with Rick in '78 and that was Lanise Hughes-drums, Tom McDermott-guitar, Levi Ruffin-synth and Oscar Alston-bass. Those are the main ones you will see on all of Rick James' albums, tours and videos during Rick's "hey day" from '78 - '83. These were not the only members of Rick James' Stone City Band, however, knowingly or unknowingly most people are referring those guys when talking about Rick James' band.

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Q: Who were the members of the stone city band?
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Are the stone city band on tour now?

Yes, The Original Stone City Band *Check out facebook and their website.

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What happened to Tom McDermott of the Stone City Band?

He played Charvel guitars, and I've only seen a couple of clips live of his playing. A few pictures from Holland have been posted, but nothing else. There is a Legends Tour with 'original members' of the SCB, but no McDermott noted in the lineup. Tom grew up with me in Burbank CA-- he plays every now and then but has settled into a "normal" life back in Burbank. Tom is still a handsome guy, and one of the nicest people I've ever known! To add: Tom is now a postman for the city, and he has resumed his guitar playing in a jazz duo called Sand. Check out the website at . They play around L.A. a couple of times a week. I agree with the answer above, Tom is a great guy and still quite the musician. One correction to the above. The "ORIGINAL STONE CITY BAND" is not touring with the "Legends Tour." They are on their own tour. Don't be confused with the "Stone City Band" and "The ORIGINAL STONE CITY BAND!"

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Are the stone city band on tour now?

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