Who were the casket girls?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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This was the name of young woman of virtue imported in to New Orleans at the request of the French Gentleman living there. Initially, France had sent many women of ill repute. These women were largely culled from orphanages and convents. They arrived with government issued trunks which were called "cassettes" and they were originally called "les filles a la cassetter" or cassette girls. I've read where the cassettes were coffinesque in shape but do not know if this is true.

The women were nurtured by the Ursuline Nuns until suitable suitors were found.

Their arrival has inspired a Vampire legend. Folks claim that their trousseaus (trunks) were put in the attic til a suitor was found. However, when they went to marry the trunks were found to be empty or to have vampires inside (varies according to teller).

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Q: Who were the casket girls?
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