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Q: Who were the biggest band in the world in 1996?
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Which boy band are the biggest in the world?

One Direction

What is the genre of the band U2?

World's Biggest ROCK BAND for a reason don't you think?

Is one direction the biggest band in the world?

yes itis and it is the most famous band

What is the Biggest selling Christmas single in the world?

band aid

Who is the next biggest band in the world?

I'm not sure, it depends really

Oasis band list of all no ones?

0 Their biggest chart hit was "Wonderwall" which went to Number 8 in 1996

Were The Beatles received well worldwide?

Yes. They became the biggest rock band in the world.

When were The Bluetones founded?

The Bluetones, an English Indie Rock Band, was formed in 1993 in Greater London. Their biggest hit was released in 1996, which was Slight Return. The band split in October 2011

Which creature has biggest ears in the world?

it is a creature called yassin it was found in 1996 in may 16

Is one direction the most populay group?

At the moment One Direction is the biggest boy band in the WORLD.

How is one direction the biggest boy band in t he world?

because they came 2nd in xfactor and there are amazing

What were the biggest hits of the UK band The Applejacks?

One of the biggest hits of the UK band The Applejacks is the song Tell Me When. Another one of the biggest hits of the band was the song Everybody Falls Down.