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The film ' That thing you do! ' was based on The Wonders Band. It is a 1996 film featuring Tom Hanks as the Manager of the fictious one hit wonder band.

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Q: What movie was about The Wonders band?
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What band was the movie that thng you do based on?

the band was called the wonders

Who were the band the herdsmen?

They were the fictional band that Jimmy created after leaving the Wonders in the movie "That Thing You Do."

What was the name of the 1960s rock band in the Tom Hanks movie That Thing You Do?


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Is there a band called the wonders?

"The Wonders" was a fictional band featured in the Tom Hanks movie "That Thing You Do". Although there is no evidence that the band portrayed in the movie was based on any actual band of the 1960's area, it can be argued that it is in fact based on the many "one hit wonder" bands of the era which were spawned after the Beatles hit the big time.The actual music credited to "The Wonders" was performed by a wide array of talented studio musicians. Individually these artists actually appear on dozens--if not hundreds--of albums by "real" artists, including many "big name" artists. Most bands at least use additional musicians to enhance their performances when recording in a studio. Rarely do artists provide all of the instrumental or vocal performances on their own albums; some actually provide very little or none of the instrumental performances or background vocals on their albums--a practice which so widespread during the 1960's and the 1970's that it could truly be said that very few artists during those periods actually performed anything more than the primary vocals on their albums. In this sense, it could be argued that "The Wonders" are as much a real band as most bands of the 1960's.

What year did the wonders come out with there big hit that thing you do?

The movie and the song came out in 1996.

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