Who was tsunade in love with?

Updated: 8/30/2023
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No, no, no!!! He is like a grandson to her........and besides, who ever thinks that Jiraiya and Tsunade are gonna be together.....he's wrong........Because Jiraiya dies fighting Pein, even if they like eachother, they can't be least in Manga......but I hope that they'll end up together in episodes........

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she doesnt have any boyfriends that we know of now, but in the past she was in a relationsship with a ninja named dan.

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a guy named Dan

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Q: Who was tsunade in love with?
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Does jiraiya and tsunade fall in love in naruto?

When Jiraiya and Tsunade were Genins, Jiraiya fell in love with Tsunade.

Does Tsunade ever get married?

No. Her greatest love was Dan, who passed away. Tsunade is just The Fifth Hokage.

Is Tsunade a lesbian?

No, Tsunade was in love with Dan before he passed away.

Does orochimaru love tsunade?

Orochimaru did not love anyone but in their past it seemed like Tsunade had a crush on him. Also Jirya had a crush on Tsunade kind of like how Naruto has a crush on Sakur. And No they are not Cousins at all. They were team members along with Orochimaru who were known as the legendary Sannin

Who does Jiraiya really love?

Tsunade (not sure) but most probably her

What does Naruto call Tsunade?

She has called Tsunade: Tsunade-sama (Lady Tsunade), Hokage-sama, Godaime Hokage-sama (5th Hokage), and Shishou. (master)

Who has bigger breasts beside tsunade?

no one have larger boobs then tsunade but as a competitor to tsunade their is a women in one peice or in bleach which is same as tsunade but tsunade boobs rock !

Does Tsunade bounce?

Tsunade doesn't bounce.

Who was tsunade's instructor?

sarutobi is tsunade's instructor

Will Tobi kill tsunade?

No, Tobi does not kill Tsunade.

Why is Sakura called second tsunade or young Tsunade?

Most likely because Sakura was Tsunade's student. Also because Sakura has the same brute strength as Tsunade does.

Does danzo love tsunade?

no he doesn't Danzo hates her because she is the granddaughter of the fist hokage and she is next in line to be the hokage