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Barbara DeBarge (mother) &Robert DeBarge, Sr. (father)

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Q: Who was the parents of Sean debarge?
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How was Sean debarge related to el debarge?

He was his baby brother

Who are the parents of kristinia DeBarge?

James DeBarge is her father (Janet Jacksons ex-husband), but Janet is NOT her mother.

Who is Sean's parents?

which Sean? if its Sean on pretty little liars, i can answer it. but if its Sean Kingston, i cant. Sean on pretty little liar's parents are mr. and mrs Ackard.

Was Janet Jackson married to el debarge or James?

no her husband was James Debarge not El Debarge

Did the group el debarge have a mixed racial parents?

Yes. Their mother is black and father was white.

What is the birth name of Bunny DeBarge?

Bunny DeBarge's birth name is Etterline DeBarge.

What is the birth name of Chico DeBarge?

Chico DeBarge's birth name is Johnathan DeBarge.

What is the birth name of El DeBarge?

El DeBarge's birth name is Eldra DeBarge.

Who was the lead singer of debarge?

Eldra Patrick DeBarge (best known as El DeBarge)

What is Sean Considines for Baltimore Ravens parents names?

Sean Considine's parents are Rick and Colleen Considine.

When did DeBarge end?

DeBarge ended in 1989.

When was DeBarge created?

DeBarge was created in 1979.