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Yes. Their mother is black and father was white.

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Q: Did the group el debarge have a mixed racial parents?
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He is

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no. the genes are mixed together could make your child categorises in a different blood group than you. :)

What ethnicity is Kristinia DeBarge?

Her dad is mixed: his mother is black and his father is white. Not sure what ethnicity her mother is but she looks Latina.

What does the term mestizo means?

Mixed racial ancestry

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A human that is of mixed race means the parents of the individual come from two different ethnic races or a mixture of races. A mixed race individual may also be referred to as bi-racial (coming from two races) or multi-racial (coming from more than two races).

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.The full-lineage of entertainer Vanessa L. Williams, is that ofMixed-Race via the fact that she is from a family that has been of a continually Multi-Generational Multiracially-Mixed(MGM-Mixed) ancestry throughout it's multiple geneations.Also, both of her parents are members of the largelyMultiracial Ethnic group that is currently referredto by the term of African-American (AA)..

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an ethnic group comprised of mixed black and white ancestry

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. A comment on the term of ‘Light Skin Black': . It is often a surprise for people to learn that, in reality, there is actually No Such Thing As a 'Light Skinned Black" person. The term "Light Skinned Black" is simply a racist oxymoron that was created by racial supremacists in an effort to forcibly deny those Mixed-Race people, who are of a Multi-Generational Multiracially-Mixed (MGM-Mixed) Lineage, the right to fully embrace and receive open public support in choosing to acknowledge the truth about their full ancestral heritage. The people who have been slapped with the oxymoronic misnomer and also false label of "Light Skinned Black" person are simply Mixed-Race people -- whose family have been continually Mixed-Race throughout their multiple generations. For more information on MGM-Mixed lineage, feel free to view the information at the found at the links listed below: Source(s): . -- AP ( .