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Reni slais

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Q: Who was the girl that sang with Elvin Bishop in 1977?
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Who sang the song you fooled around and fell in love?

Elvin Bishop wrote it, I guess he sang it. Mickey Thomas sang lead on Elvin Bishops "Fooled around and fell in Love" he was also later the lead singer of "Jefferson Starship"

How long did Jo baker sing for elvin bishop?

Jo happens to be my sister. I miss her very much. She sang with Elvin for about 4-5 years. She met him when he was with Paul Butterfield Blues Band.

Who sang the song JANE from the Jefferson Starship?

elvin biship

Who sang original goodbye girl?

'Goodbye Girl' was the name of songs by: Bread in 1977, (UK) Squeeze in 1978, Go West in 1985,

Who sang Vocal Backup on Don't you Worry with Stephen Bishop?

I don't know. Who sang the lead vocal on "Don't You Worry with Stephen Bishop"?

When was Lin Sang born?

Lin Sang was born in 1977.

I am searching for information about Jo Baker who sang with Elvin bishop band in the 1970's?

...after leaving Elvin,she jobbed around the San Francisco area with different bands and then ended up joining Stoneground...years of hard living took her life around 14 years to her story ...

Who sang just that girl?

Drew Seeley sang the song 'Just That Girl'.

Who sang the things you do for love?

10cc in 1977

Who sang the song on and on?

'On and On' is the name of a 1977 song by Stephen Bishop. "On and on, and she keeps on trying, and she smiles when she feels like crying, on and on, on and on, on and on".

When was Jang Sang-Won born?

Jang Sang-Won was born on 1977-09-30.

When was Yi Sang Literary Award created?

Yi Sang Literary Award was created in 1977.