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Stephanie Seymour.

She was Axl Rose's girlfriend by the time the video was shot.

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Q: Who was the girl in November rain video?
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Which music video depicts a BEE GIRL?

The song "No Rain" by Blind Melon was released in September of 1992. In the music video, a young girl dances in a bumblebee costume. She is commonly referred to as "The Bee Girl. "

What is the Mariah Carey video that has her as a little girl in it?

Through The Rain.

What music video had a light skinned girl singing in either the shower or in the rain?

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natalie martinez

Who is girl in travis porter make it rain video?

Melissa l. Williams is her name.

Who is the bee girl in the music video no rain by Blind Melon?

Heather DeLoach she was also in a weird al ynkovich video.

What are the release dates for Henriett Seth F- The Rain Girl Artist - 2011?

Henriett Seth F- The Rain Girl Artist - 2011 was released on: USA: 24 November 2011 (internet) USA: 28 November 2011

The girl in songs about rain video?

The girl in several of Gary Allan's videos is an actress named Amanda Tosch

Where was November rain filmed?

Alverno High School in Sierra Madre (private girl school)

Who is the girl in the tub in Travis Porter's Make It Rain video?

she was an actor from a series of shows

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