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I had this Q. for school!!! here's the answer!!! : ) The fist man was Richard Evelyn Byrd and with the help of his pilot, Bernt Balchen they made it over the South Pole in the 1930's. Richard was from the U.S of A and his home town was Virginia!

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Q: Who was the first man to fly over the South Pole and what country was he from?
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Who flew over the North and South Poles?

Richard E. Byrd was a navigator and expedition leader who claimed that he was the first to fly over the South and North Poles. However, his claims were disputed and majority of polar experts believe that Roald Amundsen has the first verifiable flight claim to each pole.

Who was the first man to fly over both the North Pole and South Pole?

Robert Falcon Scott

Ozone layer in the upper atmosphere is diminishing most over what country?

It is diminishing most near the south pole. Australia is the country.

What are the difference between the north and south poles?

The north pole is over water and the south pole is over land.

Which has land under it north pole or the south pol?

There is no land under the North Pole. The Antarctic continent sits over the South Pole.

Which of the two poles is located over a continent Which continent?

South Pole is located over Antarctica.

Is sky is nearer to north pole than south pole?

The sky is over the entire earth. it is the same distance from the north pole as it is the south.

What flights go over the south pole?

No flights 'go over' the South Pole. Supply planes land at the South Pole and take off from there. These supply planes are operated by the USA military and are dedicated to scientific research.

Is Antarctic north pole or south pole?

The South Pole is an imaginary spot on the continent of Antarctica. You are getting confused by the over use of the terms North and South Poles as regions, when we should be using Arctic for the North, and Antarctic for the South.

Is it fact or opinion that there is an ozone hole over the south pole?

Once a year, in the late winter / early spring, there is an ozone hole over the south pole. And six months later, there is one over the north pole.

Is there a real South Pole?

There is an orb at what is called the ceremonial South Pole, plus there is a marker which is relocated to accuracy annually, because the ice over the pole moves.

Which two poles are located over an oceans which ocean?

The North Pole is over the Arctic Ocean. The South Pole is over Antarctica, which is a landmass.