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Q: Who was the band in the Ironside tv episode Trip to Hashbury?
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What SpongeBob episode was the band episode?

It's called band geeks.

What episode in Naruto did they change the head band?

well naruto changed his head band in the first episode when he took of his goggles and put on the head band

Are the Gorillaz a Christian band?

No, Gorillaz is not a Christian band. They are simply a trip-hop band.

What chapter does the band of seven come in Inuyasha?

The Band of Seven they come in at well opening 4 so the episode they come in to picture is ""Episode 103 The Band Of Seven , Resurrected"" but it kinda starts on Episode 102 the assault on the wolf demon tribe ..... :D

What was the band on episode 4 of cbbc's roy?

Band? Or do you mean the girl that was singing as the busker?

What episode does the band make a contest for a new bass player?

The episode is called "Naked Idol."

In the first episode of the partridge family where does the band perform their first concert?

In the first episode of the Partridge Family, the band performed their first professional concert in Las Vegas.

On the Secret Life of the American Teenager what episode is One night at band camp?

One Night At Band Camp is in season 1, episode 22 of Secret Life.

What is the SpongeBob episode where SpongeBob is in a band with plankton Patrick and squidward?

It's Season 2, Episode 15 (Episode 35 Overall). The full episode title is "The Secret Box / Band Geeks". It originally aired on September 7, 2001.

Whats the episode of the simpsons did the band aerosmith show in?

'Flaming Moe's' (10th episode, 3rd season).

What is the last episode in season 4 of inuyasha?

episode 110 enter bankotsu leader of the band of seven

On which episode does spongebob sing on a football field?

Band Geeks