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Edie Brickell.

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Q: Who was the artist that sang Goodtime on the Windows 95 CD?
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What version of MS-DOS shipped with Windows 95?

7.0 was with Windows 95, and Windows 95A 7.1 is Windows 95B

Which upgrade path do you need to follow when performing an upgrade from Windows 95 to Windows XP?

Windows 95 to Windows 98, and then to Windows XP

Where was Windows 95 released?

Windows 95 was released worldwide.

What golf game was standard on windows 95?

No golf game was "standard" on Windows 95. Microsoft Golf was released in 1995, but it was not included as part of Windows 95.

What year was Windows 95 released?

Windows 95 was released in 1995, August 24th.

Is Windows Update available on Windows 95?

The Windows Update service is/was available to Windows 95, but there was no specific utility for it; you would have to manually go to the website.

When was Windows 95 invented?

Windows 95 was released in August of 1995. It was a giant innovation compared to the previous Windows OS, Windows 3.1 and 3.11.

What are Windows 95 Windows 98 and Windows ME collectively called?

Windows "9x"

Did reggae artist sluggy ranks died?

Yes he did..He died in Jamaica, he was in a car accident. He sang songs like "95% black and 5% white, in jails"... May his soul rests in peace !!!

Can Windows 95 be upgraded?

Windows 98, Windows ME, and Windows 2000 all support upgrading directly from Windows 95. Your system must meet the requirements in order to upgrade, however.

Do windows 95 work with windows 98?

sure do!

Which is NOT a member of the Windows 9x family?

Windows 95