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Depends on what you are asking.

His partner in the Akatsuki is Kisame Hoshigaki. I assume that is what you mean.

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Sasori of the red sand

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Q: Who was orochimaru's partner when he was in the akatsuki?
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What is orochimarus clan called?

Do you mean the akatsuki?

Who would be your Akatsuki partner?


Are all the akatsuki boys?

No, there is 1 girl, Konan. I dont know about her powers, but i do know that she is Pein`s partner in Akatsuki.

How can you Describe the Akatsuki in different words?

The (acting) Leader: Pain His partner: Konan Kakuzu His partner: Hidan Itachi His partner: Kisame Sasori His partner: Deidara The spy: Zetsu The (real) Akatsuki leader: Tobi (a.k.a. Madara Uchiha)

Is konan pein's girlfriend?

Nope. Konan is Pein's partner in the Akatsuki.

What is orochimarus snake called?


Who is kakazu?

Hidan's partner and one of the akatsuki he is completely stitched together and can deattach his body parts like a rag-doll.

What is the nickname for hidan's team?

the name of the organization that's hidan in is akatsuki,his partner was kakuzu and they were called by kisame the zombie brothers

How Naruto entered Akatsuki team?

Akatsuki was founded by Madara Uchiha as part of his plan to gain control of the world, also known as the Moon's Eye Plan. He later claimed he was the one who (somehow) manipulated Nagato to "create" Akatsuki and be it's so-called leader. In reality, Nagato was simply a puppet for Madara to give orders from the shadows (while under the guise of Deidara's replacement partner, Tobi).

Is natuto in the akatsuki?

no the akatsuki is hunting him instead...

What has the author Akatsuki Kambayashi written?

Akatsuki Kambayashi has written: 'Kambayashi Akatsuki' 'Shuiro no tamago'

How did master jiraya died?

He died because he fight against the akatsuki, the leader of the akatsuki. Pain, he is the leader of the akatsuki, Master jiraya was killed by the akatsuki.