Does Tobi love Deidara

Updated: 4/28/2022
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He loves him as a friend. Though some think Tobi does not love Deidara because he is Madara Uchila, he loves Deidara as a friend, partner, and fellow Akatsuki member.

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No, he hates him.

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Q: Does Tobi love Deidara
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Who was with deidara when deidara was fighting Sasuke?

Tobi was there with deidara. He helped at first, but when deidara used C4 karura, Tobi ran away

Why does Tobi insult deidara?

Deidara insults Tobi because Deidara believes all members of the akatsuki should be calm and collected, and does not like tobi's random loudness because it goes against his beliefs.

Who is deidara's partner?

Deidara has had 2 partners:Sasori(who died) and Tobi to replace Sasori.

Who did Deidara kiss?

No deidara is gay but tobi (obito) doesnt kiss deidara because he doesn't like him and he is not

Is Tobi sad about deidara's death?

probably not because Tobi is madara uchiha in disguise

Is deidara a boy or a girl?

Deidara is a man, not a girl!!! although i belive deidara is gay because deidara loves sasori and Tobi loves deidara

What would be the perfect song for Tobi to sing?

Could be: For Tobi : dance like an idiot - lemon demon For madara ( the true Tobi): everybody fooled- evanescence For madara and deidara: just like you- three days grace For Tobi and deidara : I hate you- greenday

How many times did Deidara beat up Tobi in Naruto?

he blew up Tobi 2 times (not noticing that he survived both times) and he put him in a choke hold when deidara lost his arms. he kicked him quite a bit. im sure Tobi is now dancing on deidara's grave...where deidara placed a mine over XD

What episode of Naruto shippuden is when sasukae fights deidara?

Tobi and Deidara appear at the end of 122 and the fight is from 123 to 124, where Deidara dies..

Who are partners in the akatsuki?

Kisame & Itachi Sasori & Deidara Deidara & Tobi Konan & Pein Kakuzu & Hidan Zetsu

What episode does Tobi get sufficated by deidara?

By the way who is Tobi and dedera in Dragon ball . They are not in any dragon ball series.

Who has died in an explosion?

deidara because when deidara released the huge explosion tobi opens the dimension stuff and just got saved