Who was maria father?

Updated: 9/21/2023
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Adof Hitler

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Q: Who was maria father?
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What did maria's father call her in west side story?


Who is the true father of maria Clara in noli me tangere?

In "Noli Me Tangere" by Jose Rizal, the true father of Maria Clara is revealed to be Padre Damaso, a friar and antagonist in the novel. However, it is later discovered that Kapitan Tiago, Maria Clara's presumed father, is not her biological father.

What was Marie Antoinette mother and father name?

Maria Theresa of Austria (in German, her name is Maria Theresia). Maria Antoinette's father was Francis I of Austria who was the Holy Roman Emperor.

Whrere is father of maria sharapova?

He is from Russia.

What is the life of maria Clara?

Maria is the legitimate daughter of father Damaso and she is a portrayal ideal woman.

What is the name of maria agnesi's father?

Pietro Agnesi

Where are Father Jose Maria Morelos from?

He was from Morelia, Mexico

In the book I Am David why did Maria's father agree to adopt David?

Maria's father does not adopt David, but let him stay at his house because he saved Maria's life from a fire that her two younger brothers had started. After a while, Maria's parents start to get suspicious of him and he leaves and continues his journey.

Who ware baldo and his father talking about?

they were talking about maria the wife of baldo

Who is Beethoven's' mother and father?

Johann van Beethoven was is father and Maria Magdalena Keverich was his mother.

Who is the family of Pope Benedict XVI?

His father's name was Josef, his mother Maria, a sister Maria and a brother Georg.

In the boy in the striped pajamas why did maria think the father was good man?

Maria defended father because when Maria's mother died and she was homeless, he took her in and gave her a job.